Portfolio Management

Patience and discipline. That’s our style.

In a world of instant gratification, patience and discipline have never been more valuable. We adhere to a conservative, value-oriented investment approach that has yielded attractive results over a variety of market cycles.


Your portfolio is tailored for the investment environment as well as your personal return objectives, time horizon, liquidity requirements, tax considerations and other unique circumstances.


Careful selection and diversification of assets including cash, fixed income and equities will optimize your returns while mitigating market risks.

Bottom up stock selection

We analyze the fundamentals of individual stocks from a bottom-up perspective rather than a top-down view of the market. Stock selection is paramount to building sustainable returns.

Long-term focus

Although we are active managers, we have a history of low portfolio turnover. When we purchase a stock, we establish one- and four-year target prices.

Flexible value

We believe certain securities can become cheap relative to other alternatives. However, we use a flexible set of criteria to determine which under-priced securities represents a compelling opportunity, and which are cheap because they should be avoided.

The right opportunities

Higgins Investment Group Inc. offers a variety of investment opportunities to suit the needs of any serious investor. Learn more about which opportunities might be waiting for you.