Yes. Higgins Investment Group is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer.

Yes. The custodian holds your investments for safekeeping but does not make any investment decisions. HIGI makes all of the investment decisions. By employing a custodian we ensure your investments are registered in your name – peace of mind.

HIGI’s primary focus is preservation and growth of your investment portfolio. We employ a bottom-up value style. Bottom-up means we perform detailed analysis of each company in your portfolio, rather than making a call on the entire market. Value means we are concerned about what we are paying for each company. Our style takes a longer-term view than many other managers. When we purchase a stock, we look at the prospects over the next one- and four-year periods.

Yes. HIGI follows the CFA Institute’s Code of Conduct. All clients are treated equally.

Typically, we find a quarterly face-to-face meeting with periodic contact in between meets most client’s needs. We meet at least annually to review your investment policy to ensure your portfolio reflects your current financial needs and your risk tolerance. We are flexible and, above all, want you to feel comfortable with us and your portfolio.

Fees are negotiated based on size of the portfolio and services required. Fees are payable each quarter.

HIGI also operates under the name Planswell Portfolios, primarily to serve clients who have created Planswell financial plans. In this capacity, our job is to design, monitor and rebalance a series of ETF-based portfolios that are tailored for a variety of risk profiles. Visit www.planswellportfolios.com to learn more.