We and our partners provide integrated 
Investment Management services
Investment Style and Philosophy
Patience and discipline are the cornerstones to successful investing.
We are conservative, risk-averse, value oriented managers.
Portfolios are tailored to meet the investment environment and your individual circumstance. Careful selection and diversification of assets including cash, fixed income and equities will optimize your returns while mitigating market risks. When we describe ourselves as risk averse or conservative managers it means we believe in purchasing stocks with minimal debt and in less volatile sectors of the market. As value mangers, we believe securities can become cheap relative to the other available alternatives. Value investing goes beyond merely picking stocks with a low Price/Earnings ratio. Styles are cyclical and focusing on ONLY one element of value will cause the investor to miss opportunities in areas with other cheap attributes such as, low Net Asset Value or low Price/Cash Flow. We always stick with the value style but we  go beyond statistically cheap stocks. Some stocks are cheap for a reason and must be avoided. Diversification may be attained by holding between 20 and 35 stocks in a portfolio.Our equity focus is on high quality, blue-chip North American stocks.We employ a bottom-up, value style. Bottom-up means we analyze the fundamentals of individual stocks and do not make bet on the entire market. Stock selection is paramount to building sustained returns. Value means we are concerned about what we pay for a stock.
Although we are active managers, we have a history of low portfolio turnover. When we purchase a stock we establish a 1 and a 4 year target price.